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    Read this important notice about copyrighted material before you go ahead.

    If your browser displays the contents of a file instead of asking you to save it, selecting File+Save in the browser's menu should do the trick, or set it to save to disk before you click the link. Also, right-clicking a link with Netscape brings up a handy menu where you can choose "Save this link as..."

    Note that the emulators themselves are normally only available on the emulators page.

    DOS/Windows users: Note that many files in this section have long file names (often very long file names). DOS + Windows 3.11 or older will not preserve these names.

    Feel free to mail me or upload stuff that I can add to this section.

    BBC software archive

    Enter the software archive! [ HTTP | FTP | index ]

    Most of the software archive (i.e. all games) is arranged in directories according to the publisher. Here are some of the most volumous and popular ones, followed by the directories catering for more specific needs:

  • A & F (Chuckie Egg 1-4, Cylon Attack, Painter, ...)
  • Aardvark (Firetrack, Frak!, Skirmish, Zalaga, ...)
  • Acornsoft (the initial, natural dominator in the Beeb software market)
  • Alligata (Blagger, Tarzan, Who Dares Wins 2, Roboman, ...)
  • Bug-Byte (Plan B, Dunjunz, Twin Kingdom Valley, ...)
  • Firebird (Cholo, Sentinel, Sim, ...)
  • Imagine (Arkanoid, Green Beret, Mikie, Wizadore, Yie Ar Kung Fu, ...)
  • Level 9 (adventures) Did you know you could also play Level 9 adventures on your PC, Amiga or Archimedes?
  • Program Power and Micro Power (Castle Quest, Ghouls, Bruce Lee, Killer Gorilla 1 & 2, Moon Raider, Imogen, ...)
  • Software Invasion (3D Grand Prix, Blitzkrieg, Eagle's Wing, Gunsmoke, Vortex, ...)
  • Superior Software (conquered the leading position, in later years purchased the rights to Acornsoft's and many other titles)
  • Tynesoft (Future Shock, Jet Set Willy, Spy vs Spy, Winter Olympics, ...)
  • Ultimate (Alien 8, Atic Atac, Jet Pac, Knight Lore, Sabre Wulf, ...)
  • US Gold (Bruce Lee, Spy Hunter, Dam Busters, Raid over Moscow, ...)
  • Visions (Dare Devil Denis, ...)
  • Various (lots of classics in here - can you help me identify the publishers of the ones not listed in 00INDEX.TXT?)
  • cheats: cheats that can be applied to games. Note that many games in the archive already include these things.
  • Special archive section for Acorn RISC users! These files are zipped with Acorn "zip" and can only be uncompressed properly (with load and exec info) with Acorn "unzip". The programs should be usable on 6502Em and maybe 65host. A vanilla "unzip" will give you the files, but will leave you guessing their load/exec addresses. Check out Sprow's unzip.
  • disk: utilities for diskette management and copying.
  • demo: demonstration program which show the Beeb's graphics and sound capabilities.
  • educational: educational software, stuff that the Beeb was made for
  • graphics: pictures and animations.
  • hardware: utilities and drivers related to the Beeb's original hardware or third-party hardware.
  • music: tunes, songs, effects, ...
  • util: general utilities. You might also want to check out the software page.
  • Atom: Acorn Atom software, blatantly copied from the Atom emulators' home pages...
  • The archived software is usually contained in a standard "archive format", invented by Wouter Scholten. The format is quite simple and general, but is not supported by any existing emulators. Wouter's bbcim program can be used to convert these archives to many other formats. Furthermore, Tom Seddon's emulator comes with more conversion utilities. For further format descriptions and instructions, check out the FAQ and the documentation section.

    Some archived software is stored as zipped disk images. This is to preserve special disk information, like the volume label, data tracks not linked to files, etc.

    Note that you have to uncompress ZIP files with WinZIP, UNZIP or a similar utility to be able to access the archived files.

    If a ZIP file contains a *.TXT file or a README file, read it - it usually contains special instructions on how to get the game running. Some contain instructions on how to play the game as well.

    The archive might contain several versions of a game/program. Versions should not be confused with sequels. A sequel looks like "BugEyes2", an "official" version release looks like "Snapper-V2" or "Snooker-83", while a slightly different version can look like "Psycastria-2". I.e. dashes in the archive file name are quite significant. Also, hacked versions might be given the postfixes "-cheat" or "-hack".

    The postfix "-disk" means that the ZIP file contains a disk image, rather than distinct BBC files. This means I've not been able to successfully "unpack" the disk image.

    An archived ZIP with the postfix "-tape" in its name is a tape version. Often, this is a signal that the archive contains conflicting file names which cannot be put in a disk image, or that loaders use LOAD"", CHAIN"" or plain *RUN to load the next parts. If you are successful in making such an archive run on an emulator, let me know (it's not neccessarily hard, I just don't have the time).

    Similarly, the postfixes "-Master" and "-Electron" should be quite self-explanatory.

    Note that a few distinct games share the same name, but reside in different directories. Take care so that you don't overwrite one such game with the other.

    Do you have instructions or any other documentation related to a game (solutions, hints, cheats)? Send them to Mark Usher who has volunteered to organize game instructions for the archive! Some info can already be found in the documentation section.

    Diskette images

    Enter the Watford disk image archive! [ HTTP | FTP | index ]
    Special credit is given to Henrik Rostoft for collecting and organizing most of the software available here. His collection consists of the disk images available in the "disk/watford" directory, and each disk has an easy-to-use, working menu.

    Most of the collection of DFS disk images that was provided here at "The BBC Lives!" has been removed because most images contained games still copyrighted (and sold) by Superior Software.

    Diskette images are simple dumps of BBC diskettes, which can be either single sided (SS) or double sided (DS). BeebEm assumes by default that the image is DS, and that its name is "discims/elite". To change this, set the BeebDiscLoad environment variable accordingly, e.g. (for a DOS window in Windows 95): set BeebDiscLoad=S:80:pascal.ssd. This applies only to the current DOS window, so you must run BeebWin from the same window. Because of this feature in BeebEm, I no longer provide redundant DS images. (It doesn't work with older versions of Windows, though.)

    In the ZIP files below, .SSD are single-sided images, .DSD are double sided. Images are usually single-sided.

    Disk images come from different sources, so some pieces of software might appear on more than one disk.


  • Reversi by Wouter Scholten + White Knight MK11 by M.P.Bryant
  • Games 8: Gomoku, Backgammon, Draughts, Blackjack, Barcade, Domino, Dune, Milpeed, Spacewar, Solitaire
  • Games 16: Bug Eyes 2, Chrysalis, Frankenstein 2000
  • Games 19: Birdie Barrage, Zany Kong, White Knight Mk 11, Pedro
  • Games 20: Raid over Moscow, Dam Busters, Red Arrows
  • Games 22: Indoor Sports
  • Games 23: Icarus

  • ROM images

    Enter the ROM archive! [ HTTP | FTP | index ]

    Another user reports: "Some ROMs need patching to circumvent software protection that stops them running in sideways RAM, eg, ADI (1.20), HELP(1.2), ADT (1.75). ADT has proved to be a most useful ROM, ACP (1.04) does in fact run on my Master!"

    The ROM files copyrighted by Computer Concepts and Superior Software have been withdrawn from the archive page, and from the ftp site, at a request of the copyright owners'.

    The Acorn ROM section is back online. Go to this section in the FAQ to see which ones you are most likely to need for use with emulators.

    How to get the OS and BASIC ROMs

    Note! This section is now obsolete (see above), but is kept here for nostalgic reasons.

    I have been asked by Acorn to remove these ROMs from my pages and public archive. They are, however, of course floating around the net, and don't see why I shouldn't help you locating them.

    Here are some known resources (please let me know if you discover others, or if any of these don't work):

  • The OS 1.2 and BASIC ROMs (required to run almost any emulator) is rumored to be found at www.emulation.net's BBC page, compressed in Macintosh StuffIt format. Get StuffIt Expander now! (Aladdin Systems)
  • Another rumored location of these files is in a ZIP file found at "The Chuckie Egg Appreciation Society", to which you'll find a link in the WWW section of the Internet resources page.
  • As a last resort, James Pritchard sent me the Fool's Guide to getting BBC ROMs, which is a step by step guide to using the information below.
  • The OS 1.2 ROM and BASIC 2 ROM can be extracted from Acorn's !65Host emulator, found on the Risc OS 3.1 Support Disk 2. (You'll need nspark to access the files in the archive.) riproms.c (by Darren Salt) is supposed to extract the ROMs, but there is a problem in that the OS 1.2 ROM image in that file uses certain 65C02 instructions, which are not supported by most emulators. A fixed version which patches the OS ROM file is now available!

    Robert de Bath has made an alternative ROM ripper/patcher.

    "Sammy" sent me yet another alternative, which extracts the ROMs directly from the APP2.ARC archive file!

    The !RunImage file of !65Host has three parts:

  • The first part of the BASIC ROM, given in 256 16-doubleword blocks, each with x (0<=x<=16) doublewords of 6502 ROM code and 16-x doublewords ARM code. (Did I get this right?)
  • The OS ROM, as one contiguous 16 KB block. It has some 65C02 opcodes, not supported by most emulators - Xbeeb might work though, if compiled correctly. Anyone have success with this, please let me know!
  • The rest of the BASIC ROM, contiguous.
  • Apart from providing the above links and information, I can't do more towards helping you with the ROMs. Sorry. Also, note that Acorn's ReadMe (dead link) implies that you're not allowed to use the ROMs for emulation on non-Acorn systems.


    I welcome you to add your own requests by mailing me, or contributing requested software through e-mail.

    Mark de Weger browsed through his volumuous collection of Beeb magazines, and sent me a list of games not currently in the archive, based on the ads and reviews he found. He characterized the archive as "f*ing complete!" Anyway, I have now merged this list into the request list.

    David Moore is composing a list of commercially released BBC games, and this can be found on the documentation page. Of course any game listed there, that is not already in the archive, would be greatly appreciated.

  • AMX SuperArt demonstration pictures disc by Joseph Lavery
  • Barrage (Micro Power)
  • Black Widow
  • Blazing Star (Robico adventure)
  • Bumper Bundle (Alligata: Hellhole, Crown Jewels, and two more games)
  • Choplifter (arcade)
  • Crown Jewels
  • Dragon's Eye
  • Emerald Isle (adventure)
  • Erik the Viking (Level 9)
  • Fishy Business (text adventure by Salamander Software)
  • Goldfields (used in Australian schools)
  • Gnome Ranger (Level 9 adventure)
  • Greedy Dwarf (Beeb version - play the web version!)
  • Gremlins
  • The grid (move on a grid, shoot for fuel and shoot aliens coming down - typed in from PCW?)
  • Hacker (full version with introduction)
  • Hijack (simulation game by Derbyshire County Council)
  • Hobgoblin 1 and 2 (Atlantis)
  • Infinity (huge arcade/adventure from White Panther)
  • Island of Xaan (Robico adventure)
  • Islandia (Redshift)
  • Larsoft games
  • Lazer Squad (Blade Software)
  • Look and Read (educational game series)
  • Lord of the Rings games 2 and 3 (adventure)
  • The Magic Telephone Box (graphical adventure)
  • Merlin's Castle
  • Mickey's Marvellous Mixture
  • Nature Quest
  • Quill
  • Pirates in Space by Bug-Byte (the one in the archive seems to be bad)
  • Planetoid v2 (scanner shows extents of screen, like original Defender)
  • Play it again Sam (preferably as disk images)
  • Plunder (by Cases Computer Simulations)
  • Raft Away River
  • Realm of Chaos trilogy part 2 and 3 (adventures, Robico)
  • Repton - any Electron versions!
  • Screwball (missing files in the archive)
  • Snap EV1 - CCD image system by Commotion (ROM and software wanted)
  • Suburban Fox (BBC BASIC game)
  • Time Lords (Redshift)
  • UMI (sequencing software)
  • Robert Schmidt - rsc@nvg.org.