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Copyright notice

The pages of "The BBC Lives!"

The HTML pages themselves, as well as the organization of the pages and archive, are all copyright © 1996-1997 of the author, Robert Schmidt, except where other authors have made major contributions and this is noted on the individual pages.

The above items may not be stored in electronic, optic or printed form for public distribution outside of the original distribution site, without the explicit consent of Robert Schmidt. This includes (but is not limited to) making public mirror WWW and/or FTP sites, and production of CD-ROMs for public distribution.

All non-HTML documents, data and software available through "The BBC Lives!" and its archive are copyright © (and possibly trademarks) of their respective owners, and possibly have their own individual restrictions on public distribution.

Noone associated with "The BBC Lives!" accept any responsibility for any offense or discomfort experienced by game authors whose games have been hacked and/or cracked. No guarantees are made, and no responsibility is assumed, as to the originality of the software, the texts, graphics and/or audio within (including credits and/or acknowledgements).

For the normal user

I strongly believe I hurt nobody by keeping certain pieces of copyrighted material for public access. The material probably no longer has any financial potential for the companies and people in question. If you, as a user of these pages, wish to honour the rights of the copyright owners, do not download any of the copyrighted files on my pages. These include (but are not limited to) all files on disk images, all EFS/XDFS archives, all files in Wouter Scholten's archive format, and notably the BBC BASICs available for downloading on the emulator page.

The only case in which you can (even remotely) legally download and use a file containing copyrighted material, is by possessing the original product containing the material. Then you may consider these pages as a service to you who don't have the resources or technical experience to transfer the software from your BBC to your PC, or to you whose original software media have been corrupted (bad sectors, ruined tapes, etc.).

Specifically, all ROMs and software copyrighted by Acorn, Acornsoft, Superior Software and Computer Concepts have been made unavailable.

You, as a user of these pages, download and use copyrighted material at your own risk. You have hereby been warned.

If you have any comments on the way I have chosen to do this, mail me by clicking my name at the bottom of this page.

For the copyright owners

If you, as the owner of the copyright to some of the material I have made available, wish to
  • sanction the public availability (which will make everybody happy),
  • ban the public availability (which of course means I will remove it from public availability), or
  • stay neutral (which means the material will still be made available, and the above notice will still be in effect)
  • mail me by clicking my name below, and I am sure we will come to an agreement.

    Robert Schmidt - rsc@nvg.org.