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BBC Users

This page is meant to present individual BBC users throughout the world, listing their BBC equipment and knowledge as well as contact information.
  • Crispin Boylan
  • Rick Galbraith
  • Robbie Harrison
  • Chris Richardson
  • Robert Schmidt
  • Mark Usher

  • Crispin Boylan

    (Maintainer of the BBC Games Archive.)
    A good idea that was put into practice a long time ago on the mailing list,
    was that people sent their configurations to the mailing list, the idea was
    that people who had a problem with a particular piece of equipment could
    contact someone else with the same equipment, and get their problem solved
    If anyone else wants to do it, then send it to the mailing list, here is my
    list to get us all started:
    BBC Model B Issue 7 Motherboard
    DNFS 1.2
    APTL Sidewise ROM Extension Board with 16k SWR
    Dual 80t Double sided Mitsubishi disk drives
    Large PC PSU to power drives and other things
    Microvitec Model 1431 monitor
    Double Joysticks (Voltmace)
    Viglen Cartridge Slot Adaptor
    OS 1.2
    8271 Disk controller
    AMX Mouse 
    Acorn Pascal 1.00
    Toolkit + 2.05
    AMX MaxDesktop 1.2
    AMX Mouse support ROM
    I also have a Torch z80 second processor which I think is incompatible with
    the APTL board, and anyway I don't have the software.
    My main interests are hardware (especially adapting the Beeb to a more
    modern age) and games.

    Rick Galbraith

    My name is Rick Galbraith;  rick_galbraith@iname.com
    Currently I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
    My secondary email addresses,in descending priority, are:
    I have a North American BBC with US/UK operating system
    One Chinon 5.25 drive, as originally supplied
    Acorn DFS and NFS
    View and Viewsheet on one chip
    Oak Leaves LX-80 printer driver for View
    experience using Macros in View, setting Highlight 1 or 2 to output 
        escape (which succesfully passes to the printer with the above
    Experience adapting Din serial to 25-pin serial connector.
    Experience burning out two Kimtron SCB monitors, and using a
        televideo925 terminal minus keyboard as half-fast monitor (you
        have to learn to navigate blind with view!)
    Numbers 13 to 24 of Oak Leaves, put out by a Toronto Acorn user
       Also, at my old home in Dryden, awaiting the finally move of our 
    family to Winnipeg, I have:
    A program which will list any BBC basic program, as long as it has 
    been saved to disc.
    A program that will transfer the contents of any sector of the disc 
    to any other sector.
    A method to read the memory of the computer which carries the disc 
    directory, back out to the same disc as a file. This can then be 
    copied to the other disc surface or to another disc.
    User Guides volumes one and two.
    The idea is, you said, to put this on your users contact page on The BBC 
    Lives!  Go for it!  Must see this page for myself!

    Robbie Harrison

    My name is Robbie Harrison and I am the maintainer of 
    master128.freeservers.com (http://master128.freesrvers.com) My e-mail is 
    bbcmaster128@hotmail.com and my ICQ# is 45122046
    I have:
    1 Master 128
    2 BBC B+ in B Cases
    1 Med-res Cub Monitor
    1 Philips Monitor 80 Green
    1 Philips Monitor 80 Amber
    1 Acorn Winchester Disk 120 (20meg)
    1 Pace 5.25" Drive
    1 Cumana 5.25" Drive
    1 AMS 3" Drive
    1 Watford 3.5" Drive
    2 Dual Care Electrics Master Cartridges
    1 Quad Care Electrics Master Cartridge
    1 Peartree Quad Master Cartridge
    1 Acorn 6502 2nd Processor
    1 Morley Teletext Adapter
    1 Hegotron Robotics Grafpad
    1 Datapen Lightpen
    1 ZipStick Joystick
    DFS 1770
    Domesday ROM
    Watford DFS
    Tape to Disk
    Pinaple PCB
    Spell Check
    Logotron Logo
    If you have a problem related to any of this stuff I have please contact me. 
    I might be able to help!

    Chris Richardson

    Chris Richardson 8-Bit Software
    I run the BBC and Master User Group and Public Domain library 8-Bit Software.
    I have been into the BBC since it first appeared on the scene and used to borrow them from the 
    school that my Dad was a teacher at until he retired. I then bought a second hand BBC, Single 
    80T drive and a portable TV. A humble start.
    I joined 8BS whilst Duncan Webster was in charge. I just got into the swing of sending him 
    loads of my software when he closed 8BS down (I wonder why?!). Daniel Shimmin took over for a 
    short time, but he too gave it up, so I took over. This was issue 25, we got to issue 66 before 
    submissions petered out and I called it a day. 
    I used to have a stack of BBC equipment which included:
    BBC Equipment:
    Master 128 with 512 board and 1 megabyte upgrade (two)
    BBC B Watford DDFS 1770 and ZIF socket
    BBC B+ with 64K extra and ATPL board
    Electron with Plus 1
    Master Compact with twin 3.5" drive
    Twin Side by side 5.25" 3.5" Watford plinth disc drive
    Twin stacked 3.5" 5.25" disc drive
    Twin 5.25" disc drive
    Acorn Winchester 30 meg hard drive (8 meg used)
    Hand Scanner
    Sound Sampler
    LVL Camera
    Cub Monitor Touch Screen
    Light Pen
    HCR Eprom Programmer
    And a load of other stuff. However, that has ALL gone now and I use a BBC emulator.
    PC Equipment:
    Various PCs Laptops and Netbooks.
    Computing Interests:
    Running 8BS
    Maintaining a website
    Playing the occasional game
    Other Interests
    Kite Flying
    RC Cars
    Model Making
    I retired from my job as a Paramedic in 2001 through ill health and now live a life of leisure. 
    I still mess about with computers a lot but nothing like the amount I used to.

    Robert Schmidt (e-mail: rsc@nvg.org)

    (Maintainer of this very site.)

    I'm not going to write much about myself - the general stuff can be found 
    I owned a BBC B in my childhood, but sold it to a friend, which I now regret.
    I have, however, found that an emulator is an adequate substitute for my use
    (I was never much inside it anyway), besides it takes less space.
    Anyway, the Beeb was important enough for me to make this web site as a tribute.

    Mark Usher

    (Maintainer of the BBC Documentation Project.)

    Total computer freak since the age of 10, that's 18 years now. Did my school
    work experience at MicroPower in Leeds during summer 1985 - the 2 weeks
    before the LiveAid weekend. They were two weeks I will remember for the rest
    of my life. Superior Software was just down the road and I used to walk past
    when going for the bus.
    I live in Austria, a ski village called Soll. It's in most of the brochures
    if you want to see what it looks like. I work Insoft GesmbH, who specialise
    in software for industry, process logic control and visualisation systems. I
    am the PC specialist for the company, I program and provide technical
    support for all PC related problems, hardware and software, aswell as
    running the company network.
    Computer kit that I have / use
    BBC / iss 7 / drives galore / SCSI adapter / 92MB Fujtsu SCSI drive /
    Watford 13 board / Mouse
    Cannon BJC 4000 printer shared with a PC. 65C02 co-processor. Mouse.
    WS2000 modem (retired but working - I used it for a short lived BBS in
    BBC / iss 4 / Solidisk 1770 issue 1. Over a hundred roms, but only about 20
    discs :-) Everything is stored on the PC.
    PC / Dual Pentium MMX 200MHZ / 128MB RAM / 9,2GB of storage / AWE 64 /
    runs WinNT Wks/ Win98 / DOS / Linux
    PC / 486-DX 133 / 64MB / 1.2GB running WinNT server for test purposes.
    2 x 286, and I'm sure there's another one somewhere about....
    Don't just download from the BBC Documentation Project, lend a hand.

    Robert Schmidt - rsc@nvg.org.