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Pictures, photos, covers

  • Scans of ads
  • Scans of some BBC boards, supplied by Chris Richardson
  • Game covers and logos
  • Other pictures, books and photos
  • The Master keystrips, scanned by Sprow
  • Make sure you check out Chris Richardson's spinning BBC, Electron, Master and Compact! :-)
  • Here is a nice picture of a 6502 co-processor board, sent to me by Mark Usher.
  • An ASCII rendition of the BBC circuit board. See the Acorn site in the ftp section for more detailed circuit diagrams.
  • The background image was blantantly scanned from the cover of this book, and retouched with Corel PhotoPaint 5.0.
  • A nice Beeb shot I stole from Wouter
  • A Beeb picture - bad contrast
  • Here's another cover, with an artist's impression of the Beeb's little brother - the Acorn Electron.
  • Chris Richardson has a load of book cover and software sleeve scans over at 8BS.

    ddlm has literally hundreds of game cover scans at The Stairway to Hell.

    Robert Schmidt - rsc@nvg.org.