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Credits and acknowledgments

These are people having contributed notably to the contents of these pages, or to the BBC community in general. Without your support, "The BBC lives!" wouldn't amount to much! This page has not been updated for years - sorry!

Mark Barber-Riley, Iain Barker, Robert de Bath (riprom2), Jonathan Belson (Amiga port of Xbeeb), James Bonfield & Stephen Youell (HackROM), Mike Borcherds (6502Em info), Tony Burton (software uploads), Brian Carroll, Roy Collett, Mike Cook, David Devenport (BBC emulator for DOS), Richard Drysdall (scanned pictures), Frans J. Faase (Acorn Atom emulator), Marat Fayzullin (great emulator work), Mark Ferns (Acorn ABC ad, ROM images help), James Fidell (Xbeeb), David Alan Gilbert (BeebEm), Jamie Gilbert (software contributions), Marcus Goodey (DOS port of BeebEm), Richard Hallas (nice icons in the file section), Martin Hamilton (disk info), Wouter Hobers (various utils), Darren Izzard (PPM2BBC utility, ICODraw, L solution), Dave Jeffrey (lots of historical informationa and documentation), Chris Lam (MacBeebEm, BeebDOS), Ken Lowe, Cornelius Mawby (compiled riproms and nspark for DOS), Stuart McConnachie (pcBBC emulator), Mike Mallett (user group info), Douglas G McKenzie, Phil Morris, Bill Murphy (SW contributions), Chris Needham (SW contributions), Mark Oakley (educational software), Connor O'Rourke (BeebDOS), Phil Ottewell (VMS port of Xbeeb), Stephen Quan (BBC386), Dimitry Petrov (DOSFS), Neil Pollard (em6502), James Pritchard (riproms how-to), Richard J. Purves (GrabROM), Andrew de Quincey (bbcconv), Mark Ray (ST emulator info), Chris Richardson (8BS user group, many scanned images), Ewen Roberts, Darren Rollason (BeebDOS 3.0), Adam Mark & Matthew Carl Rose, Henrik Rostoft (Hero) (tons of Watford disk images) Darren Salt (BeebArc, riproms.c), Richard Sanderson (software), Wouter Scholten (disk images and utilities and loads more...), Tom Seddon (BBC emulator, lots of info and software), Alexander T. Smith, Peter Smith, Robert Sprowson (user group info), David Ralph Stacey (some GIFs/animations) Ole Stauning (tape decoding info), Ian Stephenson, therion23 (tons of disk images), Paul Theobald (Watford DFS info), Christopher J. Thornley (loads of ROMs), Mike Tomlinson (disk image page), Paul Tribick (ROMs info), James Turner, Mark Usher (software, scanned documentation), Roger Walker (tape decoding info), Chris Walton (software contribution), Any Ward, Mark de Weger (one of my AU heroes back then, now author of XFer and source of general knowledge), Laurie Whiffen (BBC disk image explorer), Piers Wombwell (!65Tube and Acorn ftp info), David Wooding (ASCII BBC circuit board), Mike Wyatt (continued BeebEm improvements)

These pages are hosted by NVG, an organization of computer freaks at NTNU, the Norwegian Univerity of Science and Technology.

Robert Schmidt - rsc@nvg.org.