RISC OS Select 3

Select 3 features


Building upon the work done in Select 1 and 2, Select 3 improves upon both the significant changes made to both the graphics and networking components as well as adding many new features. The focus on Select 3 has been mostly based around stablising features from Select 2 and improving the desktop usability of the Operating system.

Major highlights

Feature breakdown

In the following breakdown, not all changes have been listed. In particular, fixes to components are not listed unless their effect is significant. Select is supplied with a more complete breakdown of the changes on a per-component basis.

Application changes

Desktop changes

Graphics changes

Networking changes

Miscellaneous changes

Configuration tools

Scrapfile naming

Previously, when a network interface is active on a machine the ScrapDirectory is set to a Directory named after the MAC Address of the first installed Network card. If NetFS was active, this would be replaced by the station ID.

With Select 3, the scrap directory naming is now based solely on the hardware configuration, as detected by HWScan. For most users this will be disabled and so the scrap directory will be named 'Disabled'.

New IconSetUp Configuration Tool

The new IconSetup configuration tool allows the setting of options for the standard IconBorderRound module. The following options are supported for buttons and borders :

All the above colours may be applied as solid colour or as a tint of the original colour.

Furthermore button icons and information fields may have the colour applied as a Blend (top to bottom blend of the border colours, applying the button colour as a strong tint).

Button icons may have a rim highlight and may have either thick or thin borders.


The Paint application has been updated to support the new alpha-channel sprite format provided by Select 3. Paint can create sprites with alpha-channels, add an alpha-channel to an existing sprite, and allow editing of the alpha-channel.

Paint's user interface has also been brought up to date, with a separate attached toolbox for each sprite (similar to !Draw) so each sprite has it's own "working set" of toolbox settings. Shortcuts for zoom and select colour have been added along with a new colour display area. The menu tree has been revised to be more logical and Styleguide compliant.

Paint makes better use of the ImageFileConvert system in Select 3 and can directly load any filetypes supported by ImageFileConvert (PNG, JPEG, Clear, ICO, BMP etc). Paint allows saving of an image in JPEG and PNG format as well as sprite.

A good number of bug fixes and performance improvements have also been added along with usability features such as a true graphic brush display and improved clipboard support.