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RISC OS Six is available in two ways:-

1. Via the RISC OS Select scheme, which costs 99 per year.

2. As a one-off purchase of a Single-User, Single Computer version for 49. This option doesn't give any updates, but may be upgraded to a full Select subscription by paying the additional 50, within 3 months of joining.
Expired RISC OS Select Subscribers
Expired RISC OS Select subscribers, as detailed above, were welcome to download the RISC OS 6 Preview edition. Having tried out the new version and reviewed the documentation we very much hope that they will renew their subscriptions. In order to receive any later versions of RISC OS 6 via the Select Scheme they must renew their subscriptions.

The renewal cost is 99 per year.

New RISC OS Select Subscribers
Anyone who has never been a RISC OS Select subscriber can join the scheme in order to receive the RISC OS 6. They will be able to download the latest version and will receive future updates to RISC OS 6 via the Select scheme.
RISC OS 6 for Iyonix users
We are still hoping to release a version of RISC OS Select for Iyonix users. Iyonix users may contribute to the development of RISC OS 6 by renewing their Select subscriptions. New Iyonix users who wish to join the Select scheme will have to pay the same initial subscription prices as those listed above for other users.
RISC OS 6 Free Download
The pre-release version of RISC OS 6 was made available for download FREE OF CHARGE to all subscribers to the RISC OS Select scheme who renewed their subscription after 30th May 2004. That offer is now finished.
RISC OS 6 Pricing and Ordering details
Download RISC OS Select Subscription Form ZIP Drawfile
Download RISC OS Select Subscription Form PDF file

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