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23 Apr 2008
Select 4i4 available at Wakefield Show 2008
  The RISC OS developers have made over three thousand changes and improvements since the RISC OS 6.06 ROM was released at Wakefield 2007. The key improvements and changes in the RISC OS 6.10 ROM are:-

Select 4i4 Key Features

Tunable automatic switching between standard and thumbnail filer views.
Support for 8MB of VRAM when running on VirtualRPC.
New filer layout options: vertical display and reverse sort order.
A number of WIMP optimisations to speed up the desktop.
Faster filer thumbnailing with optimised image generation.
Improved bandwidth for the RISC OS video system.
Enhanced keyboard shortcut support in Filer windows.
Improved Filer configuration options.
Support for DrawWorks XL and DrawWorks Select.
Search filer windows using the keyboard.
Option to enable Filer view inheritance.
Massive speed improvements to Pinboard.
Powerful new rename/copy/move features in Filer.
Optional and configurable 'lazy' thumbnailing.
Improved and configurable focus handling in Filer.
Many bug fixes to FontEd.
Image number indicators on thumbnail icon display for files with more than one image.
Updated FontEd user interface.
Filer user interface update, e.g. new filetype menu.
Thumbnail cache now configurable.
Improved support for font file variants and preserving additional data such as kerning.
New state indicators on thumbnail icon display (processing etc.)
User selectable font for the Alarm iconbar time display.
Updated User Guide.
Improved 'working week' handling within Alarm.
Iconbar, Filer and Pinboard cooperate on exchanging pinned items.
Video Welcome Guide to Select 4i4.
Faster filer viewer redraws and improved formatting.
Pinboard includes support for removable media.
Improved alpha-sprite support in thumbnails.
Mouse scroll support in filer viewers has been improved.
Configurable drag onto sub-directories to copy/move/save.
Alarm notification position now configurable.
Dynamic selections on Pinboard.
Filer status (sort order etc.) indicated in title bars.
Improved multi-user support in Alarm.
Updated configuration plugins to support all these new features.
Improved SVG export from Draw.
Increased accuracy when scaling objects in Draw.
Smoother mouse scroll wheel.
Updated Toolbox components.
Numerous other improvements to the Application suite (Paint, Draw...)


22 Feb 2008
New Tool to aid RISC OS development

As a part of the joint co-operation between RISC OS Open and RISCOS Ltd, ROOL have announced the availability of a tool which we hope will help to make life a little bit easier for developers. It is aimed at gathering some specific statistics from a wide range of RISC OS users in order for us to better identify where the main problem areas lie with respect to the differences between the RISCOS Ltd RISC OS branch and the Castle Technology RISC OS branch.

The EnsureScan program will search for applications in a specific location on your computer, for example in a specified directory (defaulting to $.Apps) or all of a specified hard disc.

During the scanning process, it will look for applications and when it finds one, it will look at any !Boot or !Run file inside the application to build a list of all of the modules which are required by that application. It does this by looking for RMEnsure commands in those files, hence the name of this program, as those commands indicate that the application requires that a certain module of at least a certain version number in order to function correctly.

The reason for doing this scan is simply to gather information from a large cross-section of the community about which modules are required by applications. We aren’t tracking what applications each user has or what modules each application requires.

The data collected is simply: how many times during the scan was a given module seen in an RMEnsure command and what version numbers of modules are being asked for? This is useful because it will indicate which modules are important to developers and that in itself helps to focus attention on solving problems where separate streams of development of those modules means that a simple version number check (as per RMEnsure) is no longer sufficient.

If we want to find ways to make it simpler for developers to ensure that their applications have access to versions of a module which provide specific features and/or bug fixes, then gathering this information is an important first step.

Just install and run !EnsureScn, then e-mail the results from it back to scan@riscosopen.org.

Download your copy of !EnsureScn from here.

Thanks for your help

1 Dec 2007
New Programmers Reference Manual book - "The Window Manager" now available
  The first new printed update to the RISC OS Programmers Reference Manuals in over 15 years is now available.

The manual is 472 pages long and and is a complete, integrated reference to the modern Window Manager (Wimp), and is the first such since Acorn issued the RISC OS 3 PRMs.

The normal retail price is £40 with a discount down to £38 for current Select or Foundation members.

The above order prices exclude postage and packing.

Postage and packing (Signed for Delivery) will be £4.70 in the UK, £10.80 to Europe and £15.20 to USA and Australia.

The Window Manager is designed to simplify the task of producing programs to run under a WIMP (Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointer) environment. The Manager itself is usually referred to as the Wimp. Programs that run under the Wimp are often called tasks, because they are operating under a multi-tasking environment.

This item may be ordered online at eBay shops
RISC OS Programmers Reference Manual - The Window Manager

20 Oct 2007
Select 4i3 - Updates available
  The latest roll up of disc-based updates and bug fixes for Select 4 Issue 2 are available here.

21 July 2007
Updated Recyclone V 1.21 available
  An updated version of Recyclone is now available. The updated version fixes a problem with the Recycle bin not being emptied when RISC OS Six is running. The updated application is available here http://www.archifishal.co.uk/~aardvark/recyclone-1.21.zip
Thanks to Alex Macfarlane Smith for this update.


17 July 2007
Updated ABIMod module available
  This is a bug-fixed version of the ABI module used by Impression and ArtWorks 1.x which avoids a crash that occurred with previous versions of this module when pressing Return in a dialogue box with a default button (e.g., the Save box in Impression or ArtWorks 1,x) when running under Select 4. The updated module is available here http://www.mw-software.com/software/awmodules/awbugs.html#abifix
Thanks to Martin Wuerthner for this update.


30 Jun 2007
RISC OS Select 4 Issue 2na now available for download
  This ROM image is a replacement for the standard 4i2 ROM release for use by users who have CDROM drives not connected via the motherboard interface. It includes a new ROMimage and application to unplug CDFSSoftATAPI on the base 4.02 or 4.39 ROM and then reinitialise the appropriate modules when RISC OS Six is loaded.
Risc PC and A7000 users with a standard motherboard connected CD-ROM drive, do not need to use this version of the ROM.


30 Apr 2007
RISC OS Select 4 Issue 2 now available for download
  The first fully featured release of RISC OS Select 4 is now shipping to subscribers and is also available for download on the RISC OS Select website. RISC OS Select 4 uses RISC OS 6, which contains a huge number of new features and improvements over previous versions of RISC OS.


19 Nov 2006
RISC OS 6 Preview available for download
  RISCOS Ltd are pleased to announce the immediate availability of RISC OS 6 Preview for Select subscribers. All Select subscribers who have renewed their subscription since the release of Select3i4 (30th May 2004) may download the preview version from the Select website now. Members who have kept their subscription up to date or who join at the Birmingham ARM Club show this Saturday (25th November) may collect a RISC OS 6 Preview CD at the event, subject to stock. The RISC OS 6 Preview release gives RiscPC, A7000 and VirtualRPC ADJ users an opportunity to experience recent developments within RISC OS through the Select scheme.


19 Oct 2006
RISC OS 6 Changelogs now available.
  RISCOS Limited are delighted to announce that the RISC OS Changelogs are now available on line. The documentation describes the changes which have occurred to RISC OS both since the beginning of the Select scheme and since the last release (Select 3i4 / Adjust 1i2).


18 Oct 2006
RISC OS 6 Preview launched in Glasgow.
RISC OS 6 is to be previewed at the RISC OS Northern Roadshow 2006 in Glasgow today, Wednesday 18th October 2006.
The Roadshow starts at the Holiday Inn, East Kilbride at 3.00 p.m and runs through until 8.00 p.m Present at the first RISC OS Roadshow event for Winter 2006 will be Paul Middleton from RISCOS Ltd, Chris Evans from CJE Micros, Alan Gibson from Liquid Silicon in Kirkcaldy and Jack Lillingston of Castle Technology.
After the launch the Roadshow moves to Village Hotel on Thursday 19th October at 4.00 p.m until 8.00 p.m. Present on Thursday will be Paul Middleton from RISCOS Ltd, Chris Evans from CJE Micros, Mike Glover from Icon Technology, Michael Bell (who is hoping to set up a Newcastle RISC OS Users Group), Jack Lillingston of Castle Technology.
The final opportunity for users to preview RISC OS 6 will be at the RISC OS SouthEast Show at Guildford College on Saturday 21st October 2006.


17 Oct 2006
RISC OS 6 Dcoumentation now available.
The complete guide for RISC OS 6 developers is now available online.
This page contains a reference archive of RISCOS Ltd press releases.



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