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Select6i1 featuring RISC OS 6.20 released

Christmas is here again and so it is time for the latest Select release. RISC OS Select 6i1 (featuring RISC OS 6.20) is now available for download from the Select subscribers' private download area. A further     changes have been checked into the RISC OS Six SVN system, making RISC OS Six the most heavily developed version of RISC OS ever.

There have been a significant number of improvements and new features added in Select 6i1. The changes can be found here.


Select5i2 featuring RISC OS 6.16 released

RISCOS Ltd. is pleased to announce that the latest Select ROM, RISC OS 6.16, Select 5i2 is now available for download from the Select subscribers' private area on the RISCOS Ltd. web site.

This latest version does not have any new features, rather we have concentrated on consolidating and optimizing the existing feature set based in part upon feedback from users. RISC OS 6.16 builds upon the numerous enhancements already made since the introduction of RISC OS 6 in 2007. Once again much work has been done to optimize code to produce even greater stability and significant speed improvements in several critical areas as well as increasing user responsiveness.


Select5i1 to be released at MUG Show 2008

Select 5i1 featuring RISC OS 6.14 was released at the Midland Users Group Show 2008 in Birmingham on Saturday 6th December 2008.

The RISC OS developers have made over 3000 changes and improvements since the RISC OS 6.06 ROM image was released at Wakefield 2007. The key improvements and changes in the RISC OS 6.14 ROM can be found here.

What is RISC OS 6?
RISC OS 6 is the latest, most up to date, version of RISC OS to be developed by RISCOS Ltd. It is now based on a completely 26 bit / 32 bit neutral source.

It is ONLY available for Risc PC, A7000 and Virtual Acorn products under the RISC OS Select scheme. See the FAQ section for further details.

Since the launch of Select 3 / OS 4.39 (Adjust ROM) all the development work has gone into the 32 bit conversion of the remainder of the RISC OS Sources that had not previously been converted as part of the RISC OS Select scheme. As might be expected this has been a mammoth undertaking and we hope that the wait has been worthwhile.
Unlike RISC OS 4.39 "Adjust" ROMs, RISC OS 6 is only available as a softload version. It is NOT available as a new set of ROMs as the size of the ROM image is now too fit to fit in the physical ROM slots in a Risc PC or A7000.

Who can get RISC OS 6?
The full versions of RISC OS 6 are available on the download pages by subscribers to the RISC OS Select scheme.

How can I get RISC OS 6?
RISC OS Six is available for download for currently paid-up Select subscribers.. Please note that RISC OS 6 is a softload version of RISC OS, so the existing version of RISC OS in ROM on your computer will not be affected.

What's new in RISC OS 6?
Full details of what's new in RISC OS 6 are detailed in the Key Features and Documentation sections of this site.


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