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The Clipboard Protocol has been in public existence for about 6 years, and yet users are still unaware that RISC OS has it and cite it as a failing of the system.

It was decided that a more 'visible' use of this protocol would encourage its use and be a plus point on a list of new features.

We have consequently added Clipboard (Cut and Paste) support to the standard RISC OS Applications - Paint, Draw, Edit, ChangeFSI and SciCalc.

The standard keyboard shortcuts of Ctrl+C to cut a selection to the Clipboard and Ctrl+V to paste a selection from the Clipboard have been implemented where appropriate. 

A number of applications have already implemented Clipboard support. There are also some applications which can indicate the contents of the Clipboard.




Clipboard takeup

Known clipboard applications currently available are (information taken from informal request on comp.sys.acorn.programmer and via experimentation) :
  • DataPower
  • Zap
  • StrongEd
  • Messenger (mail reader) [1.40 onward, but 1.40 broken]
  • Pluto (mail reader)
  • IRClient (IRC client)
  • JFShared DispLib applications (about 10 applications which should be able to support it or already do); details on request
  • WritableUtils module (copies text from writable icons)
  • IcnClipBrd (similar to above) [Unconfirmed]
  • Clip (application to 'hold' clipboard on application quit)
  • Clipboard (application to save clipboard)
  • Schema2 (spreadsheet)
  • Impression series
  • Techwriter/Easiwriter (word processors)
  • AdvanceDB (Database)
  • ARPlayer
  • Ovation Pro (DTP)
  • Cerilica Vantage (graphic design)
  • NCDraw [Unconfirmed]
  • NCPaint [Unconfirmed]
  • vim (vi like editor)
  • Swipe (copy icon and window title text)
  • DigitalCD [Unconfirmed]
  • NoPaint [Unconfirmed]


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